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In late 2009, I was introduced to Bonni Evans by another writer who had just starting writing for Women On Top Magazine (WOTmag), Bonni's newly created online publication for Women 50+. After submitting several of my poems and speaking with Bonni on several occasions, she asked me to report regularly on women 50+ who were engaged in the non-visual and multi-media arts.

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Since beginning this journey, I have become completely immersed in this wonderful magazine! It is exactly what women 50 and over -women who are totally involved in being "On Top" of their lives and careers and who cherish the support and love of good friends - need! Since going international in 2010, WOTmag gives women a voice and means for connecting with like-minded women all over the world! WOTmag is online because we who believe in it believe in respecting our environment and this wonderful planet on which we all live!

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I hope you will enjoy your adventure into my past articles in the archived issues linked on this page. If, as I suspect, you want to read more, you can subscribe and/or give a subscription to other women you love, whether they be family or friends, or both. To do so, just go to: http://www.wotmag.ca and select the "Click Here to Subscribe" button.

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