Curriculum vitae

Directing, teaching, creative planning, marketing & public relations, writing, performing, composing, acting


1997 Humanist Association of Canada Ceremonies Course

1991-1993 Spec. Education, Special Studies Course, Level 2 University of Ottawa

1979 - 1983 B. A. in Religion and Culture & Graduate Studies Carleton University

1961 - 1966 Bachelor of Music in Education MacDonald College, McGill University


  • Performed vocal solo and duet concerts (Lyric Soprano)
  • Extensive & Intensive Choral Experience
  • Folk Music Collector, arranger
  • Owner/Manager of the Diane Stevenson Music Studio: produced several protégés, have several students of voice & piano entering Music Festival in Open Classes.,
  • Vocal Coaching, Ensemble & Chamber Group Festival Entrants (over 30 +years)
  • Tutoring, teaching, lecturing, and counseling in English and French, at various levels and in diverse fields
  • Assessing program needs, conducting market research, developing strategies and initiating fund raising for several organizations
  • Publicity and lobbying for several groups
  • Producer of various musical events, many of which are ensembles
  • Counseling musicians, immigrants.
  • Composer, poet, editor
  • Officiant: 1995 to the present ( Humanist Association of Canada) - for all rites of passage


  • 2001-Jan.-Feb-Assistant Mus. Dir. for "Today We Began the World" (premiere) Arts Court Theatre. Also played Senior Dairy Maid, understudied lead.
  • 1997-present: Keyboardist for U.-U.F.O.; also responsible for bringing in live music for services.
  • Fall 2001-Appointed Small Vocal Ensemble Director U.-U.F.O.
  • Dec. 1997 Director of the P.W.G.S.C .Choir
  • April 1992-June 1992 Extended Occasional Spec. Ed. Teacher, Resource Unit, Pope John Paul II Regional School, Hammond, Ont.. Supervisor-V. P. Mr. Louis Santoro.
    • Learning Disabled and Enriched Programs
    • Helped lead in many school activities
    • Developed Newspaper Project and Poetry Journal
  • 10/90 - 3/91 Multilingual Terminology Data Bank Assistant Secretary of State, Hull, Quebec
  • 1/90 - 6/90 Account Executive Dawn Office Products Inc., Nepean, Ontario
    • Marketing, networking, selling
    • Public relations (trade shows, business conferences)
    • Workshop planning
    • Customer relations
  • 7/88 - 10/88 Marketing and Public Relations Cyrville Leasing, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 11/84 - 10/86 - Substitute teacher for French speaking culturally disadvantaged for the Commission Scolaire Régionale de l'Outaouais
    • Tutored, lectured ,counseled in English and French for the Carleton Board of Education (all levels and subjects).
  • 1975-79 Elementary substitute teacher (all levels) Ottawa Board of Education


  • Market Research for the Corporate Research Group (surveys, travel, interviews)
  • Planned, organized and established The Stevenson Agency, a public relations firm specializing in artist management, concert productions and advertising.
  • Revitalized music studio business.
  • In conjunction with .CB.C .Ottawa prepared required advertising, sent out press releases and produced concert featuring local mezzo-soprano.
  • Produced several varieties of concerts in different venues.
  • Writer for Small Business World Magazine on "Public Relations and The Arts in Business".
  • Co-Produced "Your Tickets to the Arts".
  • Artist Manager for the Tunnell Trio of Great Britain and Suzanne Chapin ( concert pianist).

VOLUNTEER WORK (1980 to Present)

  • Humanist Association of Ottawa Board Member
  • Humanist Assoc. of Canada Board Member
  • Group leader for several functions in my congregation.
  • Producer from 1992-the present of concerts and literary events (about 10 per year), to raise funds.
  • Produced panel discussion with Marion Dewar, Anne Squire, Dr. Naomi Goldenberg, Bonnie Rondeau, & catalyzed conference planning event. (1993) * Former board member of TREE Poetry Group and Nepean Symphony Orchestra - fund raising, long-range planning and public relations.
  • Former public relations officer for: Nepean Symphony Orchestra, Ottawa Music Festival, Ottawa Choral Society, various poetry workshops and Ottawa Registered Music Teachers' Association.
  • Ombudsperson and vice-chair for Independent Musicians for the Ottawa Regional Music Council.
  • Produced a concert for the Festival of the Arts.
  • From 1981 to 1985, I was with the Ottawa Carleton Immigrant Services Organization as a counselor, teacher, orientor and half-way house counselor. In 1981 and 1986, I received several awards for outstanding abilities and contribution to OCISO.
  • In 1981, during the Women's Conference on the Constitution, I was instrumental in motivating and persuading women to lobby continuously for changes in the Human Rights Charter.

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