Diane Schmolka, Officiant  






"Dear Diane,
Thank you so much for springing it at the last minute and giving us a wonderful display of your improvisations at the piano. Time is always too short for occasions like that, but it was the same for the other two presenters. Nevertheless, we got a nice glimpse of your art and I certainly hope that you will do it again at a later date.
All the best to you."

 In the name of the Arts Night Committee, Elisabeth

"Hi Diane,
Justin was THRILLED about working with you. He said on the way home, "Diane turned everything into fun!.
Thank you TREMENDOUSLY! You brought the love of piano learning back to Justin."

 Sincerely, Heather

"I have been playing duets with Diane for about six months now and I find that Diane is always very positive, innovative, insightful and a highly talented musician. Diane is helping me improve my playing by pushing me to play faster, to play with another musician, to break out of my genre and try new styles of music and to do some improvisation. What is most important is that we have fun playing the duets and that it is teaching me the feel of the music and the enjoyment of that feel."

 Thank You, Mike & Jan

"Ms Diane Schmolka is a dedicated piano teacher and always so positive about the progress made, no matter how small. She has succeeded in making it fun for my 6 year old Patrick to learn the piano and this, for the past 2 years. She has lots of music knowledge and interesting stories to tell about the history of the pieces that he plays and, he loves the stickers on the pages when he does well!"

 ds Huguette Dionne CFP CLU RHU

"Diane has been our piano teacher for two years now. She made an instant connection with our children, and manages to balance a demanding work ethic for practise with a caring understanding. She has become not only the kids piano teacher, but also confidant and friend."

 Thanks, Drew

"Diane has all the qualities a good teacher should have: knowledge, patience, talent of her own and a heart. She listens well, not only to the music but to you. You will discover in her a good teacher and a friend, one who will push you to your limits but will also be willing to share a gamut of emotions......"

 Gerald Patry, 
 (a senior citizen and a student)

"I am a person in my early sixties, who could sing but never tried to develop the ability. Diane, whom I knew from another context in my life, identified me as someone who could sing just by hearing the way I spoke, and encouraged me to try out singing lessons with her. Well, that turned out to be one of the best moves I ever made, and I hope to have my first CD out in about six months. Have I ever improved under Diane’s tutelage, to a point I never realized I could reach as a singer! Diane’s input made a great difference. She is a great teacher, with a wonderful heart, a pleasure to be with, and has an in-depth understanding both of music and of people in general. She loves teaching, and , and is devoted to helping others."

 Ed Baylin, Ottawa

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