Diane Schmolka, Officiant  





ABOUT our music classes

My classes and teaching methods are flexible, and are tailored to suit each individual’s needs in a relaxed and friendly environment. Students feel and experience that Learning can be enjoyable.

My education includes a Bachelor of Music in Education from McGill University, a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Culture and Graduate Studies from Carleton University and Special Education Special Studies Course from the University of Ottawa.

I have performed vocal solo and duet concerts (Lyric Soprano), have extensive and intensive choral experience.

As owner and manager of my own Music Studio, I have been the producer of various musical events, have produced several protégés, assisted several students of voice and piano to enter musical festivals in open classes, ensemble and chamber group festivals, and have provided vocal coaching for over 30 years.

I have tutored, taught, lectured and counselled in English and French at various levels and in diverse fields, including counselling musicians.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my courses and to discuss your objectives.


  • Piano Lessons
  • Voice Lessons
  • Musicianship Class For Singers
  • Musical Explorations For Children
  • About my Ideal student


  • Assessment of the student’s mood and attitude to find out what they were able to do in the week;
  • Warm-up technique exercises/scales;
  • Studio/Pieces: reading accuracy, phrasing, touches, background, research and composition (including what they might do to vary what the composer did).
  • Sight reading/Ear training/Theory.
  • Supplementary computer work/theory games.


Basically, I follow the same lesson plan only the length of time and selections are tailored to suit the ability and age of each student.

These include:

  • Warm-ups/scales and triads;
  • Songs (2 per lesson), diction, phrasing, integration of piano accompaniment, dynamics,
  • composer’s wishes;
  • Theory/Ear Training/Sight Reading;
  • Theory Games – supplementary computer work (if time)


I teach a comprehensive, enjoyable method of learning musicianship! My holistic approach to musicianship integrates your knowledge into musical wisdom, which you will demonstrate in any future performance.

  • Explore sight singing,
  • Ear Training, Theory,
  • History/Analysis
  • Exciting Private, Semi-Private or Group Class Several Times a Month


Has your child asked:

  1. Why does Tchaikovsky’s music make pictures in my mind?
  2. What makes music more than just patterns of sound?
  3. Why isn’t Beethoven in the “Top 40”?
  4. Why must I practice stuff that nobody sings?
  5. Must I take piano/violin, etc. to enjoy music?

Has your child said:

  • I’m bored with practicing.
  • So what makes music so exciting?

If so, then they are ready for my comprehensive course in Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight Reading and Appreciation.

I offer a pleasant atmosphere, multi-media and computer materials.


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