Winter Solstice Letter 2008

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Dear Family and friends:

My Solstice gift is finally ready to be sent/given to you. There are a couple of things I must mention about it. First: for those of you who attended the concert: I hope you kept your souvenir program, because it contains the information about the songs I am singing. If you have not kept it, can you please tell me, so that I will include a sheet with the information. Secondly: There are 2 songs in the DVD, which were not videoed. These contain photos behind the songs I have sung. "O Lovely Peace", has photos of me from toddlerhood-up to my 65thBirthday, but it contains many more photos of you, my family and friends, whom I love dearly. Some of you have been friends since the age of 12 or 13. Some of you have been friends for over 20 years. You will all find photos of different stages of your lives too. Family photos are also of members who were toddlers, up to recent times. Why did I use those photos? It is because Peace, for me, means being, above all, loved and cherished by those I love. The 'plenty' which is repeated in the song, is the bounty of love, affection, good times and memories which you have brought to me. If all other peace in our land fails, we will always have each other.

The second song which has no video, is "Lullabye for an Adult Daughter" (lyrics-Diane Stevenson Schmolka, music -based on a Sarabande, by J. Baston). In that song, there are photos of Moire as a baby, right up to Dec. 26th, 2009. While I did not have the time to peruse slides, and prepare them for computer scanning, I managed to prepare a representative sampling of photos.

After the last song, (in which you can hear the audience singing faintly), there are well over a dozen or so, photos of my Harmelodic Music Club, taken mainly by me. The music of We Rise Again is played for that 'slideshow'.

In a few of the first mail-outs, there is, within the 'Moire 'song, one photo which should be in the family/friends Peace one. In later mail-outs, it has been shunted into the right place. I have one daughter only, and the beautiful young woman, (who is the one with the cap and pink chequered jacket, is the eldest of my honorary nieces, and is Donna Klimoska's eldest daughter, Anna.

Even though my two students, Todd Kelley and Ed Baylin, (both hi-tech), have spent many hours editing, teaching me to edit, and have given so much devotion and love to this project, it is not absolutely perfect. It is because I am not. I did not realize that I looked so dour throughout. I seemed to be stuck in my' notes' . I promise I will not do that again. I don't think I do that every time I perform, but being videoed to the extent I was, certainly has taught me a good lesson. Even with the imperfections, I am proud of my musical colleagues, assistants, family and friends, who have supported me in this endeavour.

Thank you each and all, for your patience and understanding.

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