What Makes Real Cowboys Cry

After working nights for a week on an old cold case I found myself in front of 1TCMC And realized I had discovered what makes real cowboys cry

Riding herds raises dust sandy eyes still see what is now laid bare on deep mine-extracted land and forests that once were shelters in the driving prairie storms are now destroyed by slickwater hydrofracturing just for gas bubbles. football clouds are not photo opportunites but polluted fresh water clubs tuned to smash bedrock. real cowboys don’t have bullet –proof hearts their songs reflect memories of sky alfalfa waving in the wind and brooks which used to run freely what they see when they ride is what hits them right through those hides which saddle them to sage brush, bull tongue kissing, sweat and death real cowboys bring me to home brew, stew and someone who waits for me for them now, there is rarely anyone who will support them in their high noon to lasso a thug, create a loving community from a lawless neighbourhood there is no chance to own real land robbers live back east where cranes and steam rollers have wrecked ranches Just by a mallet downbeat bur real cowboys are just beginning to fight what right have I to be too tired to return to work we are probably looking for the same perps

© Diane Stevenson Schmolka 1 Turner Classic Movie Channel

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