This Book Has Got Me Going...

this book has got me going like a spinning top I have challenges trying to get through all the smoggy descriptions, convoluted metaphors and sparse dialog . I want to gnaw the meat in sensual conversations I want to find deeper realities in mundane situations but in my search for the whole truth I am stumped no matter what I try to analyze about this novel, I frustrate the entire task. I attacked it [being the gumshoe I am] as a hound on a hot trail. but there was a fly in the labyrinth; the clues, elusive, slid past my consciousness, before I could complete the tale of no return. No matter how hard I've tried I cannot put you down. After all, you can read me like.....

Diane Stevenson Schmolka Albert Goldbarth's "Library" (Inspired by a website of A.Gs Library)

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