Sculptured Mock-Up

during an afternoon studying cold cases your pale blue-green face emerges a skull barely fleshed as if it over-winteredin a canal ditch

many years ago I almost had enough of your deceptions, aliases, petty thefts but no sufficient evidence for an indictment

now, in my mind's laboratory I can feel the plaster-ladenscalpel building upyour hard cheek muscles developed from clenched jaws huge teeth forming your perpetual sneers your eyes glinting like smokies inMarch sunlight while you stalk pubescent boys roll tired drunks and con exhausted single mothers

your sheet glares in my face chisels ice-cold facts into me fear of no guarantee you'd be jailed until you had no juiceleft I could not accept the possibleloss those you harmed might have had their day with you -their dog who scarred them for an hour

only a lifetime will pay.

Diane Stevenson Schmolka .

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