Interview with Marilyn Charpentier,

for Riverview Park Review, date??

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Good evening Marilyn! You have lived across the street from us for several years now, with Mike, your partner. We share the love of animals, novels and nature. It is a real privilege to interview you this evening.

Q: When did you begin to paint?
A: I began ten to fifteen years ago, but I was constantly drawing before that, as a child. I used pencil then.

Q: Was anyone else in your family artistically talented?
A: Yes, one of my two brothers was. My mother wrote poetry, and my brother is a wonderful photographer.

Q: What mediums do you use to transmit your messages in your works?
A: I began originally with acrylic for several years, then switched to oils, and now I've added pastels.

Q: When you choose a particular medium, is it the medium which is the foundation, for the message, or is it the catalyst to it?
A: When I paint, I try to capture the light, the reflections and the contrast between them. I performed an experiment recently. I painted two works of the same location, same perspective. One is in oil, the other, in pastels. The result was that the message was different for each one.

Q: What inspires you to paint your chosen subjects?
A: Many of my paintings are inspired by my travels: e.g. camping in Algonquin Park. I bring my sketch book with me whenever I travel, take many photos, sketch items like textures of all types, ( barks of trees, dead wood, old camper trucks, flowers, animals and more). My pets are present in many portraits. I always want to try something new.

Q: How many hours a year do you spend artistically?
A: I can't figure it out. I can spend many intense hours for a few days, but then must balance a full-time job, home life, fostering animals and more. I always return to my art as soon as possible.

Q: You are considerably younger than I am, but have launched your art career on the web, and have already exhibited in several places. Where are your paintings now?
A: One of them was in St. Laurent Complex, and another show in the same location.

Q: What are some of your ideas for your art in the future?
A: I want to keep painting pet portraits for people, try new mediums;, for example: water color, mixed media and multi-media. I also wish to obtain more exposure and more shows. My contact info.: &

Thank you, Marilyn, a great close neighbour not only logistically, but in friendship.

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