How to read dead embers

(dedicated to the memory of Robert Graves)

red might not mean hot nor blue cold a child strapped a first clue to a convictís future

cold cases never die until solved suspended in night air become archived stacks of old chapbooks poetry mostly obscure and misunderstood code words cleverly disguised

steps to uncover them must be dissected from a perpís early life and crimes as a scholar analyses a poetís work

like word games poets play is a perpís pilgrimís progress easy enough to become trapped by left brain assumptions with no results just more escherisms.

the map lies in repeated themes pacing rhythm comparison not to common logos but to new constructions with new tools

microscopic vision a nose for vowel odours clench of consonants

breathe stanzas dance each phrase while you vocalize each word paint each motive

then you will hear fragments of old deeds and sagas allusions become keys to discovery remember Ulysses

this addictive career path is urgent because these spirits impact each molecule every cell with or without our knowledge radical works continue to ignite our fires

© Diane Stevenson Schmolka .

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