Homage to bp nichol

Pixelerators imagic/syllabic fragments clash together simultaneously

what insanity implodes from overloading light in dark warrens

mushroom clouds must now reckon with lodgers and dodgers all the old baggage of fight/flight is only the fright of desire determined to battle uphill yet persistent in working to rule

to escape analysis I become enclosed in numb silence of detachment while flash bytes reveal what they are. I am still end twined yearning for unity (or insanunity)

brain drips creep crawling in my head, keep me fed while this bony quonset hut protects this fortress like centralia and foymount the frog within steers me to the middle of nowhere/now here

but yearning for love is my bp bp bp nickel in time.

Diane Stevenson Schmolka Nov. 22, 2004, 3rd edition

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