Brownian Motion

(a found1 poem)

it all begins with pedesis when there was just dust and miniscule molecules of gas darting in all directions at many different speeds longing to find a place

yearning for fusion needs enclosed spaces such high heat in new spaces creates new relocations

love has its own rules and regulations in the beginning with no chosen direction thermal equilibrium combines linear and angular momentum without aforethought becomes instinctive hormonic motion and becomes dull and null over time conception is each pollen moved by water It might be only tears or tares a swamp a salt lake or a shower after a forest fire

but creation does not govern probability love’s interactions are gradual processes an imperishable seed of dynamic equilibrium death and rebirth one and the same expression of collision conception collusion leaping dust

© Diane Stevenson Schmolka

  1. This Found Poem is based on Brownian Motion, writings of Lucretius, Einstein

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