A Homonym Hobbled Over our Garden Fence

when I returned from a sonic swarm of †Spanish piano music my hands took a turn† for the wurst† my ears could not believe my eyes in a storm that played dance music all day † what with sun searing through blades of grass and slicing through clumps of brown eyed susans left to pars the next touch of frost

I see now Iíve left my hook off the phone even it is a senior communications consultant and getting to the point where it costs more to replace than the service it provides.

tell me, where can you turn on a dime and find yourself on a date in a central square of parallel mind Ėfields just a split participle from your own? Perhaps on a utube Iíll discover an eternal triangle to live out my days wanting only to† create traffic circles with you in the middle to compose me to sleep

so be id ††Iíll face the music in future conditionals so I can climb stairways to your eyes in a maelstrom of iotas you cared to take.

So Iíll have Joe set them up and Iíll play glass harmonica To a jazz lick with an Irish †tune†† although Iím directionally challenged I know whoís going with me until the end of time.

© Diane Stevenson Schmolka A Tribute to NYC poet H. Koch

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